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   Deyang cheng gen pharmaceutical technology co., LTD. Was established2013At the end of the year,The company is located in shifang deyang city of sichuan province,It happened2A research laboratory and a production workshop covers an area of2500Square meters,And established the cooperative production base in chengdu xinjian。At present, the company has established a stable production system,With the g-Kg-Tons of production capacity。The company mainly focus on pharmaceutical intermediates andAPIThe research and development、Production and sales。
The company is equipped with the complete experimental equipment,From25mlTo the glass bottle3000LThe reaction kettle will not only meet the demand of research and development,Can produce more self-sufficient。And equipped with a precision analysis of the testing instrument,Such as gas chromatograph(GC)、High performance liquid chromatograph(HPLC)、Ms(LC-MS)...

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