Qianjiang city fresh air plastic packaging co., LTD. Is located in qianjiang city, hubei province garden office Yang east road90Number,318National highway,The traffic is very convenient。

Now the main production of plastic packaging products:1.Medical plastic packaging:Eye drops plastic bottles,Plastic bottles oral solid preparations,Liquid plastic bottles。2.Consumption of plastic packaging:Plastic lid,Plastic tray。3.Chemical plastic packaging:Plastic bottles,Plastic jugs。4.Infusion of plastic packaging:Blue plastic,Plastic rings。5.Professional production of all kinds of laundry detergent bottles、Beverage bottle、Machine oil pot and so on。

Qianjiang city fresh air plastic packaging co., LTD., uphold for a long time“The quality is supreme,The customer is supreme”The management idea,In the fierce market competition order and the country120Many famous enterprises established good relations of cooperation。The advanced management mode and perfect after-sales service has won the general customers the consistent high praise。


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