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Good horse machinery coating technology(Suzhou)Co., LTD★The MagniGroupThe strength★

   Good horse machinery coating technology(Suzhou)Co., LTD Good horse technology is located in suzhou city, jiangsu province wuzhong district Lu northing new straight166-8Number,Set up with2001Years! The United States The MAGNI Group Mae strength industrial group certificate authority for responsibility certification, general agent and outsourcing coating processing unit.2005Years3Month1Number,Our company official with the United StatesThe Magni GroupThe joint venture,The creation of a new joint venture-Good horse machinery coating technology(Suzhou)Co., LTD。Early in suzhou for the processing of coating production base,Expand to all major cities. Good horse technology production profile Main business①Responsible for the strength(magni)Industrial business sales.②The strength(magni)Industrial coating system certification and the instruction.③To sell the car...【Detailed content】